Altair Entertainment | Executive Producer Services
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Executive Producer Services

Altair Entertainment provides executive producer services, including:

Obtaining Rights

Obtain production rights from underlying rights holders (if applicable) and authors (composer, lyricist and librettist) in consultation with production counsel.

Creative Team

Select and oversee creative team, including: director, choreographer, designers (set, costume, lighting and sound), and cast; negotiate deals in coordination with general manager.

Business Team

Select and manage business team, including: general manager, production counsel, accountant, casting director, press agent, marketing representative, and advertising agency.

Aesthetic Management

Liaise with producer and creative team to develop the aesthetic parameters of production, including manage and oversee creative process.

Marketing and Advertising

Work with producer to devise marketing and advertising business plans and oversee agencies engaged to execute marketing, advertising and publicity campaigns.

Investor Relations

Attend to investor relations matters, including answering queries and preparing investor materials and communications.

Property Exploitation

Oversee global exploitation of the property, including subsequent productions, disposition of stock and amateur rights, cast album exploitation, merchandising and licensing, and all other subsidiary and ancillary rights.