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The Scene

About This Project

Opening Night: November 11, 2007

“Sharp-witted, sharp-elbowed comedy about the savage economies of sex and show business in contemporary Manhattan… a high-octane production… updates a film-noir, femme-fatale story for today’s Manhattan, where shadows and smoke have given way to the hard glare emitted by glass honeycombs of luxury condos.”

-Charles Isherwood, The New York Times


Altair Entertainment Services

  • Marisa Sechrest – EVP, Production & Business Affairs for The Araca Group (Co-Lead Producer)


Charlie, an older out-of-work actor, is spiritually famished and morally adrift, desperately searching for something real. Enter fresh-faced and ambitious Clea. She and Charlie have a heated affair that eventually dissipates leaving Charlie with empty pockets and more emotionally, spiritually and morally adrift than ever.